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Duke Corporate Education

10, Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BR

Having worked on the design for their existing office space in Fleet Street some 5 years ago, Ralph & Smith were approached by Duke Corporate Education to help in their search for new London Office Space as their imminent lease break was fast approaching.

Our role was to be the design resource for all aspects of the move, including the management & co-ordination of the U.S Estates Team and UK Design Team, developing the budget, creating test fits (Space plans) & offering Building Consultancy advice on numerous properties. (Liaising and working closely with the London agent).                    10 Fetter Lane was decided on.

Ralph & Smith carried out a number of staff workshops and implemented the staff ‘time and motion’ data and workplace study to create DCE’s unique design scheme.

Our role included:

Management & co-ordination of U.S Estate Team and UK Design Team

Formation of Budget

Test fit & Building Consultancy

Full Design Consultancy

Fitout Tender Management

Furniture Showroom visits

Furniture Specification Supply & Project Management

We presented a finished project that the client was delighted with. 

"It would be an understatement to say that the design and décor of our new office in London is fabulous.  Chloe’s attention to detail, thoughtful listening, incorporation of ideas, all came together in a design that is unparralled in our company’s history, and we have built some pretty cool spaces all over the world.  The intelligent design has led some staff to feel the new office is bigger than the old office which was 33% larger.  Chloe incorporated some wonderful elements which will inspire us and undoubtedly lead to some cultural changes going forward.  

Chloe and Claire are a wonderful team.  Claire gets Chloe’s vision and carefully selected just the right pieces of furniture that tied the design together.  These brilliant options saved considerable time for the staff as they were not inundated with so many choices that valuable time was wasted.  The furniture fit the design. 

You are such a delight to work with, never frazzled, never upset when challenges or changes were made to the design. 

Our new offices are a true jewel in our fleet of offices and we are thankful for the work Chloe and Claire put in to make this place great."


Todd E. Taylor, Duke Corporate Education (Durham),  Facilities Manager for all DCE Global Offices


Specific Areas of interest:

Flexible furniture for the Event Space

Social and group dining in Breakout & Teapoint Space

Height adjustable desking to the Open Plan Area

Cost Management

Integration of existing furniture (Legacy)

Project Management: Move Management into new building

Project Management: Existing Site clearance of Fleet Street Building

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